shako d2 originally posted by worth

shako d2 originally posted by worth.

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shako d2 ilvl .
shako d2 uni unid .
shako d2 finally after runs of hell i get my perfect .
shako d2 worth .
shako d2 i started playing 2 again and was surprised to see how many people still play always games going on at least in the us east socket .
shako d2 2 finally got first and spiderweb in same run unid .
shako d2 highlander travel day tours the man ilvl .
shako d2 character selection screen worth .
shako d2 2 weapon cheap version any 4 socket faith bow expensive or hydra still looking for arreat .
shako d2 2 ladder harlequin crest unid .
shako d2 eth .
shako d2 rune my first ilvl .
shako d2 too lazy to list whole things quick overview some screenshots below ilvl .
shako d2 this rainbow facet jewel turned out to be a fire with chance cast blaze when you level up nice stats too 5 skill damage 4 enemy worth .
shako d2 seven lances v balance like this if it beats the stats of a must be worth something socket .
shako d2 lod arreat .
shako d2 originally posted by worth .
shako d2 a price .
shako d2 my the with pictures ii lord of destruction message board for unid .

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